Editor and photographer at prettyneukoelln.tumblr.com
Mette Muhli and Victoria Gisborne Land started the blog project Pretty Neukölln in July 2012 as a hommage to their neighbourhood. As they both were immigrants, from Sweden and the UK, they wanted to contribute to their new home, with something within their working field; aesthetics and connecting people. Pretty Neukölln was also a form of covert mental mapping project, in which the creators explored their new habitat within a confined geographical territory. It started out as a blog with a collection of ideas, art, inspiration and events from Neukölln and it’s surroundings and developed into a platform for people to meet. They printed and launched zines and curated an art exhibition with local artists using different approaches, techniques and media. The future is still unwritten.

© Mette Muhli 2016.

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